Affiliate Program


Are you an affiliate marketer? We are looking for one. We offer a fantastic opportunity for  ANYONE who wants to try their hand at selling our products and earning some quick commission money!  


1. Commission based. We offer generous commission to our affiliate partners.

2. PayPal direct transfer.

3. Weekly payoff.

How it works: 

Go to and sign up. It's super easy and you can start sharing your link right away. Every time someone buys anything through your link, you'll get a commision.

How to do the 'work': 

If you are new to the affiliate marketing, the basic idea is to promote our products to potential buyers. What worked for us and our affiliates so far:
1. Answering questions in Facebook groups and Quora about marketing. There are questions like 'How do I get my first/ more client' or 'What's the best way to reach out to potential buyers' , etc. If you see questions like these, just answer them by referring our website as a place to get high quality and niche specific leads. Don't forget to put your affiliate link in the answer so you can get the commission. 
2. Promote using paid advertising such as Facebook ads. This is for the advanced marketer. You can use this method to promote our products too.
3. You can even use our leads to generate traffic. Get business related leads and shoot them with your best emails.

How to apply: