Terms and Conditions for Special Requests

Terms and conditions:
1. Group/ fanpage needs to have at least 3k members.
2. If it's a private group, we need to be accepted first, so it might take a little longer
3. My extraction ratio is around 50-70% from actual number of members. Many times Facebook has a glitch which shows the total number of members in lifetime. 
4. We will validate the emails, don't worry. We use a software called "Super Email Validator v4.3".
5. Data gathered from groups are emails, location, and a little portion have phone numbers. No names/ username.
6. Data gathered from fanpage are name, email, location, and a little portion have phone numbers.
7. Sometimes pages/ groups can't be extracted. We will let you know.
8. It takes us up to 6 hours to extract 5000 emails.
9. Facebook is constantly updating its security measures. There is no guarantee that our service still works next week or even tomorrow.