eBook - Email Marketing Simplified (107 Pages)

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Learn how to use email to market your products! Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about what's an autoresponder? How can I make money with an autoresponder? Your personal interests and areas of expertise, a self-quiz for finding topic, marketability: will they buy? A quiz for marketability, research your market, create content, craft your autoresponder messages, set up your site, build your opt-in list, and drive traffic to your site.

Contains 107 Pages

If you don't know how many leads you need, check out the guide here.

We collect emails and other data from Facebook groups and fanpages. You can use them for marketing purposes and what not.

The data collected are highly targeted and niche specific. For example, if we target a fanpage called "Cats Lover" then the data are the people who have engaged with that fanpage. Most likely, they have cats.

Niches that are most common requested are:

  • Pets (cat & dog)
  • Social media marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Memes
  • Sport niches (UFC, football, etc.)

There are also other niches that have been requested such as viral videos, Instagram influencers, DIY, gardening, home decor, you name it.

After we collect the data, we validate the emails. Please note, our email validation only checks if the domain is valid. Spam rate depends on how you do your email marketing.

This is how the validation software looks like. The invalid emails have been cleared for you.

You can purchase the list through this website directly. We will give you the download link after the checkout (automatically).

If you have any special request, please do contact us. Read our Terms and Conditions here.